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Customized IOT Solutions
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Monitor and automate your grow operation and increase yield
Greenhouse and Grow Industry Solutions
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Restaurant and Food Safety Industry
Learn about the benefits of adding IoT sensors to your Restaurant and Bar
Restautants and Food Safety Solutions
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Monitor, track and purify the air and surfaces in indoor areas
Air Quality Solutions
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Collecting actionable data is a lot easier than you think!

If you can measure it, you can monitor it. Knowing that your critical parameters are being monitored is key.

What is even more important is knowing when problems are about to occur before they even happen.

For restaurant owners, knowing your coolers are all working is very important. 
For a die fabricator, knowing the humidity levels in the plant are low is key to product quality. 

Or if you are a produce grower, knowing your Co2 levels are correct can mean superior crop yields.

The Clarity IoT solution provides a solution to these problems. 
With automatic alerts, you will know immediately if a problem is occurring. 
And have the ability to correct it before larger problems begin.
If you have video cameras on the operation, you can link them to the Clarity IoT Dashboard. This allows for remote monitoring. You can even start a video to record when sensors are tripped.

The Clarity IoT Sensor Dashboard

What makes Clarity IoT unique?

What makes Clarity unique is our ability to simplify the IoT environment. We do this by using our advanced IoT software, hardware, and universal APIs. 
The Clarity software can interface with all major communication protocols old and new. This allows us to extract and place the correct IoT sensor information into the hands of our clients.
Clarity IoT supports different wired and wireless protocols including the LoRa communication protocols. This allows us to provide encrypted, secure, wide-reaching wireless network coverage.
Our LoRa wireless solution has proven to be far superior to other protocols. And provides better coverage than typical Bluetooth and WiFi technology. 
The Clarity solution also works well in large facilities. From large warehouses to vertical growing rooms. From wineries to football stadiums. Please explore our site to learn more.


The Clarity IoT Dashboard immediately provided everyone in the company with complete visibility and access to all the data of the monitored assets in the operation. It was a game-changer.

Explore some of the Clarity IoT Automated Solutions...

Air Quality Sensor

You can use our Air Quality Sensor solution in an assortment of applications. This includes monitoring the air in Schools, Office Buildings, and Forklift Bays. Learn more about how you can use this sensor solution in your operation.

IoT For Restaurants and Bars

Our IoT for restaurants solution includes the food temperature probe that you can use to check and record the temperatures of the food to the cloud. This includes both hot and cold items. From the meat delivery truck right through to the food delivered to the table. Toss away those cumbersome paper forms and store your information for future reference. Learn more about all our iot for restaurants solution

RFID Scanning

For retailers, knowing what you have in stock and where it is an important consideration. Our RFID solutions allow you to attach electronic tags and labels to your inventory. The solution includes automatic RFID scanning and directional antennas. Learn more.


"In our manufacturing facility, we have a very tight temperature control tolerances. This includes the initial handling of raw material to the quality control inspection. We are required to know, as early as possible, of any temperature deviations. The Clarity IoT solution provided an answer to the problem. This included a network of sensors, a cloud-based dashboard, and alerting capabilities. "
Rick Mount
President & CEO
RAM Precision Industries
" We are very satisfied with our Clarity IoT Solution. We use the food temperature probe daily. It has become a vital part of our daily compliance and temperature monitoring. The "place it and forget it" battery Freezer Cooler sensors" are simple to install. They have eliminated our need to think about our daily compliance. Including all our equipment temperatures "
Mike Marlow
Skyline Chili (New Albany Ind)
"We are very impressed and pleased with the performance of the Clarity IoT Solution. Especially how simple it was to install. . We manage several business complexes. The Clarity solution gives us visibility across all locations/buildings. We can now watch the temperature in each building. This allows us to adjust the temperature to match our client's comfort level.. "
Richard Dempsey
Operations Director
Suntree Business Center Complex