Know your food/product/service
is safe by adding Time and
Temperature Monitoring.

What is Clarity IoT?

Clarity IoT is a proprietary end-to-end IoT sensor/ data management service solution. We simplify the on-boarding, management and control of thousands of IoT devices with a customizable dashboard. What makes Clarity IoT unique is our ability to simplify the IoT environment, using our universal API’s. This allows Clarity IoT to have a bi-directional interface with protocols new and old. Collecting the correct information, at the correct time, into the hand of our clients allows for better business decisions and control of your environment.

The Clarity IOT Web Dashboard and Mobile Applications provides everyone in the company complete visibility with an immediate and complete overview of the status of the equipment in the operation.​

You can upload your floor plan, then drag and drop the location and type of each sensor making them easier to find, locate, and identify.

Daily, weekly, and monthly summary reports are sent automatically summarizing the status of the equipment over the previous period.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports can be used to help identify trends that will become evident when they occur.

Clarity IoT Offers Solutions for Owners / Operators, Equipment Manufacturers as well as Entrepreneurs and Resellers. Choose from one of the following options for more information.

For Restaurants and Bars

Are you an Owner/Operator of a business that uses equipment that is critical to your operation?  Click here for more information on how you can add automated sensor technology to your equipment and have peace of mind knowing your product is safe.

For Equipment Manufacturers

Are you an equipment manufacturer who would like to add a Internet of Things (IoT) capability to your equipment? Learn how you can help your customers use your equipment more efficiently by integrating your equipment’s data into the cloud.

For Resellers

Are you an Entrepreneur or Reseller looking to expand your business offering and offer automated sensor monitoring solutions for your clients? Add Clarity IoT to your solution as an added service offering and capture recurring revenue.

Collecting sensor data is a lot easier than you think!

Whether you are a farmer, run a manufacturing facility, a baker or a restaurant owner we all can benefit from monitoring information about our business remotely. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that critical temperatures are being monitored, water levels tracked, lights turned on and off can all happen remotely and 24/7 with your intervention. Know what is happening at your multiple locations and track video when sensors are tripped for instance. You get notified when something happens outside of what you expect, otherwise…rest easy and its cheaper than you think.

What makes Clarity IoT unique?

It is our ability to simplify the IoT environment, using our developed IP software to universal API’s. This IP allows Clarity to interface with all major protocols new and old, allowing us to put the correct information in an expedited manner into the hands of our clients. Clarity IOT provides a powerful platform which gives users the capability to mix and match the different wired and wireless protocols and communication standards in order to have a seamless communication over extended distances such as those in a warehouse, factory, manufacturing facility, industrial complex, bar, restaurant, café, pizza store, commercial complexes, malls and commercial or multi-residential buildings.


" In our manufacturing facility, we have a very tight temperature control tolerances from the initial handling of raw material to the quality control inspection of our final product. We are required to know, as early as possible, of any temperature deviations. The Clarity IoT solution provided an answer to the problem with a network of sensors, a cloud-based dashboard and alerting capabilities. "
Rick Mount
President & CEO
RAM Precision Industries
" We are very satisfied with our Clarity IoT Solutions, we use the food temperature probe daily. It has become a vital part of our daily compliance and temperature monitoring. The place it and forget it battery Freezer & Cooler monitors are simple and eliminates our need to think about our daily compliance of all our stationary equipment temperatures. "
Mike Marlow
Skyline Chili (New Albany Ind)
" We are very impressed and pleased with the performance of the Clarity IOT Solution and the simplicity of the installation. We manage several business complexes and this solution gives us visibility across all locations/buildings. This system has been instrumental for our tenants and setting up temperature and humidity comfort levels. "
Richard Dempsey
Operations Director
Duntree Business Center Complex


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