RFID Scanning Solution

Do you spend hours taking inventory of all your assets? Manually scanning each asset, either with handheld bar scanners or RFID scanners?

Wouldn’t you like to know your inventory and the location of your inventory at your fingertips in seconds?

Whether you need a list of all active assets/locations of each asset, a list of deactivated assets, or a list of all shipping assets for the day, the Clarity solution can help solve this problem.

Our RFID Scanning solution works with standard RFID tags you can buy on Amazon and works with all Metrc cannabis Plant asset tags and all “Metric” cannabis shipping asset tags if you are in the Cannabis industry.

With years of experience with hardware integrations and monitoring, we have developed a near real-time RFID asset tag total room monitor.

Our solution is simple to install (most installs can be completed within a few hours). In most instances, the Clarity IoT RFID Scanning antennas and RFID readers can be placed strategically in your controlled rooms for maximum flexibility.

RFID Scanning / Inventory Management

The Clarity IoT RFID Inventory Management Scanning solution has been designed to help organizations track the inventory they manage in a facility. From Seed to Sale in the Cannabis industry and from the warehouse to the retail store or quick-service restaurant, including an RFID scanning solution in your operation will reduce the costs, help prevent loss and theft, and increase the accuracy of the assets you are tracking.

The Clarity IoT RFID inventory scanning solution provides item-level visibility of the items in your inventory. We offer RFID hardware and software from industry leaders in the RFID industry-leading RFID manufacturers. Talk to us to learn more. The Clarity team can help you design the RFID system based on your requirements and the total square footage of the facility to be monitored.


  • Daily Inventory Report
  • Room by Room Inventory Report
  • Inventory Shipping Report
  • Asset Weight Scale Report
  • Mobile Access
  • Web Dashboard
  • 1 RFID Scanning Module and Antenna