Clarity IoT Solutions for the Equipment/OEM Manufacturer

If you are an Equipment Manufacturer/OEM provider and are looking to add an embedded IoT Solution and “integrate-to-the -the cloud”, read on for some ideas/solutions that may be of benefit to your product line. 

Because Clarity IoT is the designer and developer of both the Hardware and Software, we have complete control over every facet of the solution. This allows us to easily adapt and Integrate our technology into yours, allowing you to focus on making your equipment better and offering your customers new ways to look at and manage their equipment.

With the Clarity IoT solution, you can introduce new Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) streams into your business model by allowing your customers to subscribe to services that allow them to view and control devices remotely in the field.

Automate and Collect data from your RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 serial Interface

For equipment manufacturers who can provide serial interface connectivity (RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485) to the Clarity IoT hardware serial bridge, an automated interface can easily be added to allow for the bi-directional exchange of data from your device to the cloud. Interfacing with the Clarity IOT serial bridge will allow you to send status and value information to a cloud-based web portal for your equipment. Since the serial bridge can communicate both ways, this allows your equipment to be configured (“over-the-air” OTA). Contact us for specific solutions we have built for other equipment manufacturers/resellers.

LoRa (Long Range)

LoRa is a long-range, low-power wireless platform based on the Semtech LoRa chipset and technology that has become the de facto technology for the Internet of Things (IoT) networks worldwide. The Clarity IoT Backbone utilizes a secure, 128-bit encryption Private LoRa network to transmit and receive the packets of data from the sensor to the Vulcan Controller / Edge Gateway. These gateways can be as far as 1 km – 5km apart depending on the line of sight and range. We have deployed our LoRa solution in office towers and 10-11 floors of coverage are easily available.


A GPS sensor can be added to your solution where the physical location of the asset is required. GPS technology can be integrated into your solution to provide such capabilities, allowing you to track the asset location in the field. Good for trailer tracking, vehicle location tracking, etc.

Light Sensing

In certain applications, sensing the presence of light can be an important metric to monitor. In the case of an outside lighted advertisement billboard, knowing if the light is working at night ensures maximum visibility of the billboard message at all times of the day.

Other applications include monitoring the presence of light in an air purifier/Ozonator system that uses ozone lights to purify the air. When the light is off it means the ozone light bulb is burned out and needs to be replaced. By using a light sensor, we can reduce the amount of time spent maintaining the equipment and catching problems immediately when they occur.

Temperature and Humidity

In certain applications, the equipment must be maintained within specific temperature thresholds to maintain a trouble-free operation. Running equipment too hot will cause failures and equipment that is running hot is an indicator that something needs to be looked at and corrected.

Monitoring the temperature of the equipment in the field not only reduces costly replacement parts but also lowers the overall downtime of the equipment, saving you time and money.

The Charity IoT solution can be used to monitor thresholds set by management and alert via SMS or email notifications when problems arise.

Vibration Detection

Like temperature, excessive vibration in a piece of equipment being leased or operated can cause early failure and reduce the run-time and longevity of the equipment. A Clarity IoT vibration sensor can be used to monitor and help the technician know when a piece of equipment in the field needs to be serviced.

Water Detection

The Clarity IoT smart water detection sensor can be used to detect the presence of water in the equipment or business you are monitoring. As soon as the device detects the presence of water or detects a leak, each person configured receives an automated SMS message or an email notification. Name each detector in the Clarity Web portal or smartphone app to know where the leak comes from as soon as it’s detected.

Voltage Detection

Detecting the presence of volatile in a circuit can be used for many monitoring solutions. The Clarity IoT 50 VDC voltage detection sensor detects the presence or absence of electricity. It is intended for use on battery or other DC sources, up to 50 Volts. This product is not intended for use with AC Voltages. It is suitable for batteries, adapters, solar equipment, vehicles or other such machinery, and any other electrical appliance monitoring. The sensor triggers voltage presence to voltage Absence and vice versa. The data is displayed as “Voltage Detected” or “No Voltage”.

Measuring Current Flow

In certain applications, measuring the current flow or Amp-Hours of a circuit is an important factor in determining the draw and life of a battery. Putting a load for too long of a period not only reduces the life expectancy of the battery, and introduces performance problems. The Clarity IoT current flow sensors can help detect when these situations are occurring.