Automated IoT Compliance Checklist

The Clarity Iot Automated Compliance Checklist is an easy-to-use dashboard module that allows you to set up your own customized automated compliance checklist required in your operation.

Once set up, this checklist can then be viewed and completed by the employees in the operation using a cloud-based device including phones, tablets, and computers.  

The Clarity Iot Compliance checklist is a software module that is included in the Clarity Cloud dashboard. 

The Clarity IoT Compliance Checklist can be used in the Restaurant, Hospitality, and vertical/horizontal farming grow operations to record daily checklists required by the operations.

In the Restaurant and Hospitality industries, this checklist is known as the HACCP checklist and is used to track the temperature levels of various foods and equipment in the organization. All clarity sensors in the operation can be set up to automatically record temperatures to the cloud without manual intervention.

In a grow operation, a specific checklist can be set up so that various steps and items are checked off and recorded to the cloud, allowing the user to record and make a note of any abnormalities detected on their phone or computer.

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