IoT Security

Securing the Clarity IoT ecosystem

Ensuring IoT devices are protected and code executed is trusted is key to a truly secure IoT solution. The Clarity IoT Platform employs a multi-layered approach that combines secret encryption keys, write-only EEPROM, and secure encrypted messages for communicating with other devices and the cloud servers. This robust security platform defends connected devices by all messages exchanged are verified and from a trusted secure source.

Protecting device firmware and software against code manipulation

The Clarity IoT Platform is configured to guarantee that its protected (EEPROM) and its memory is cleared if compromised. This ensures that the secret encryption keys can’t be accessed by pirate firmware that would be flashed on the device. This protection mechanism ensures that encryption keys are « write-only »; they can never “leak” outside of the device.

Any attempts to change the firmware on any Clarity IoT devices will clear the EEPROM containing the 128-bit encryption key. Without this key, communication will never go through, preventing any harm and thus ensuring the prevention of executing unauthorized software.

Data Confidentiality

Clarity IoT has created a robust and secure framework where the data and information are processed at the EDGE i.e. at the intelligent units installed at the client facility which process and analyze the information to create meaningful bi-directional communication. There is no communication channel for a user or administrator to directly access the Clarity IoT platform which is hosted on a remote server. As a result, the Clarity IoT platform is extremely secure and has been designed to protect the data for which multiple safeguards have been built into the system.

The data that is collected continuously is stored in a secure cloud-based server directly managed by Clarity IoT. All aspects of confidentiality of this data are maintained and access to the data is provided to the client. Clarity IoT can perform analytics on the data and this is part of the initial approach to Artificial Intelligence-based solutions.

Clarity IoT is constantly innovating to provide solutions that save the client time, and money and help them automate so that they can ultimately operate autonomous facilities which require minimum human intervention.