Clarity Restaurant and Bar IOT Solutions

The Clarity Restaurant and Bar plug-and-play solution is a complete and easy-to-use cloud-based solution consisting of internet-enabled sensors and technologies.

Our restaurant and bar IoT solution has been specifically designed with ease of use, and plug-and-play capability for Restaurant and Bar owners alike.

Our wireless IoT Restaurant IoT Recommendations include temperature sensor monitoring of both cold and hot areas maintained by the operations. 

Our plug-and-play solution can be easily installed and deployed in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, or other commercial/residential locations where required.

If you are looking for an IoT solution for your restaurant, you can find many of our IoT sensors below and how they can be used to optimize the restaurant. Sensors from our IoT Beer tap to our IoT Dishwasher have been designed to capture and report the information you need to know everything is operating normally.

Each Clarity IoT for Restaurants solution includes the hardware and software required to connect immediately to the Clarity IoT cloud and to start recording, monitoring, and receiving daily reports of the important assets and environments in your operation.  

Each installation includes a Clarity IoT Vulcan Edge/Controller which can control up to  255 individual sensors in one location.  Our Solution Design Team can help configure a solution that meets your requirements.  

You can configure your solution from the following Options.

Monitor Freezers, Coolers and Prep Tables Temperatures

The Clarity IoT temperature monitoring solution keeps constant track of the temperature of your walk-in cooler, freezers, and prep-tables ensuring that a consistent temperature is always maintained. Alerts and alarms can be programmed to alert the kitchen manager/restaurant owner when a temperature problem has been detected.  

Either a Battery Powered (C) node can be used for quick installation or a powered node (D) can be used for carefree operation.  

Monitor Room Temperature and Humidity Levels

Monitoring and controlling your customer areas is crucial to providing your customers a positive experience. Lack of restaurant temperature and humidity information is the cause of many common problems encountered in today’s restaurants. The Clarity IoT Room Temperature and Humidity sensor can monitor all areas of the operation, including dry storage rooms and containers. Either a Powered Node or Battery node can be used. 

Record Food Temperature

Use the Clarity IoT mobile Handheld Temperature Probe to record the temperature of various foods in your operation. The data from the Handheld Temperature probe interfaces directly to the Clarity Automated Compliance Checklist and the Clarity HACCP dashboard.

IoT Dishwasher

The Clarity IoT Dishwasher reporting module is a stand alone water- proof IP67 sealed module with no buttons, switches or display to mess with. Just place within the dishwasher 3 – 4 times a day per your Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan and automatically record and time stamp your water temperature readings throughout the day.

IoT Beer Tap

When the beer gets warm, it foams, and the retailer loses profits because foam is approximately 25% of beer. Installing the Clarity IoT Beer Tap flow and temperature probe will ensure that the owner knows immediately when the temperature is over the temperature threshold set by the establishment. A flow sensor can also be added allowing the owner to measure and count how much beer was dispensed. We recommend that a Wired Node be used with an external temperature probe for optimal operation.

Monitor Restroom Cleanliness

A clean restroom indicates a clean establishment and shows that you care about your guests. The restroom RFID (like TAP) scanner sensor time stamps when one of your staff went in and cleaned the restroom at the indicated interval. It can be used to trigger when the restrooms need to be visited by texting an alert to the attendant after a particular number of visits that can be set in the Clarity IoT platform by pairing it with a door counter sensor.

Detect Motion

Know immediately when there is movement inside or outside of your business or secure areas within your operation. The Clarity IoT Motion Sensor can be added to your setup to provide alerts and notifications.

Receive Valuable Customer Feedback

The Clarity IoT Customer Feedback Module is a state-of-the-art end-to-end tracking system that facilitates monitoring and analysis of customer feedback through simple and quick surveys. When applied to monitoring customer feedback, it is an easy-to-use device that has four buttons for collecting\ feedback. 

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reporting

With the Clarity IoT KPI Reporting capability, you can receive daily, weekly or monthly summaries of the data captured in your operation. Know at a glance if everything is operating properly or if some equipment needs to be reviewed and/or adjusted.


The Clarity IoT Starter Kit for Restaurants and Bars includes everything you need to quickly get up and running and includes:

1 Clarity Gateway.

3 Clarity Temperature/Humidity Nodes 

You can place these battery-operated nodes in your Fridges Coolers and Freezers.