The Passive Occupancy / People Counting Sensor

The Clarity IoT automated Passive Occupancy people counting sensor has many uses. 

Firstly, it has been designed to count the people who are in a facility at any given point in time. As people come into the establishment, the solution counts them, and as people leave the establishment, the solution subtracts them and keeps a tally of the current occupancy level. This can help free up staff monitoring the people count at the door to perform other duties. 

Secondly, it can be used to identify when people are using a Quick service station like a soda station to count the traffic at a particular station or service point.

You can easily add the Clarity IoT Monitoring equipment at the entrance and exit points of an establishment. 

The Clarity People Counting Monitor Consist of:

  • A Clarity IoT Time-Of-Flight Sensor is to be installed at the main entrance 
  • The Clarity IoT People Counting App for Apple iPad or Android device
  • The Clarity IoT Total kiosk Solution consists of an Apple iPad or Android Tablet that you place at the main entrance points of the establishment that shows the Stop/Go screens shown above.

The Clarity IoT automated people counting solution can be used in transportation hubs, airports, theme parks, national landmarks, entertainment venues, various retail venues, tourism, leisure, banking, and corporate facilities.

The screen can optionally cycle through store occupancy levels as well as allow you to advertise special advertisements or notices to your captive audience. 

Please discuss your requirements with us and we can custom tailor a package right for you.

Time-of-Flight Technology:

The Clarity IoT Passive Occupancy Counter is based on a new generation of Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology. Unlike other proximity sensors that use simple IR (Infra-Red) technology or Optical cameras your Clarity IoT solution is unaffected by Temperature changes, Sun reflections, or lack of lighting

Run real-time and historical data on demand:

The people counting solution is valuable in in-service management analysis and forecasting. 

Additional Data Captured Includes:
  • Real-Time Visibility with Live data.

  • Monitor Multi-Locations and track trends

  • Monitor Compliance

Key Features:

    • Easy to deploy
    • Stand-alone Option
    • Customized event and alert management: Record event data per each person or group count and customize alerts with various rules and conditions.
    • Intelligent reporting system Monitor
    • Simple door TV Monitor (Stop Light)
    • Summary TV Monitor (Current Status)
    • Multi-Door Entry Integration
    • Multi-Location Integration
    • Cloud Based Capability
    • Allows your business to operate safely and maximize occupancy
    • Monitors all doors
    • Reduced false counts (Recognized U-Turn Movements)
    • Get real-time alerts
    • Multi-Tiered user access
    • Analyze and share statistics or reports to optimize business operations
    • Cost-effective and reliable solution with the ClarityIoT Solution system for IoT and video management.

Multiple Footprints:

The Clarity IoT Kiosk can be ordered with a Mobile Stand Support system or a desk-mounted system as shown below:

Clarity IoT Systems use only latest developments in wired/wireless capabilities:

Internet Enabled: 

  • The data option is sent Internet to the central cloud data platform according to the user’s settings
  • Client Visibility


  • Conditional alarm / alerts conditions 
  • Easy to use phone and email alerts
  • Condition monitoring via phone/computer or Web tools


  • Clarity IoT systems can operate in harsh weather and difficult geographical conditions
  • Designed and tested to meet the harshest industry standards

Low Cost:

  • High-quality, low power consumption, and minimal maintenance makes Clarity IoT systems one of the best cost-effective solution.

Central Cloud Platform:

  • Web application on the central data platform receives and processes data and controls the operation of stations. Constant backups make sure that data is always protected.
  • All data is 256 Bit-Encrypted, to protect your data within and transmitted

Easy and Fast Installation:

  • All devices come pre-configured and ready to use. All devices come programmed and ready for Installation is fast and easy. Wireless sensors can be installed, uninstalled, or reallocated at any time.

Passive Occupancy Counting (POC)