IOT Sensor Solutions for Resellers and Business Leaders

The Clarity IoT Solution offers a unique business opportunity for Resellers and Entrepreneurs. Our hardware and software platform provides the right blend of technology and automated billing modules to allow you to do what you do best, leveraging your business relationships, and growing your business. The following are just a few of the industries where automated sensor solutions can be offered:

IoT Solutions for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions can enjoy a secure and a seamless experience with Clarity IoT. The financial services industry is ushering in an era in which “smart” things can seamlessly collect, share and analyze real-time data.

By using data collected, banks can launch better and more targeted service offerings. Whether it is tracking driving habits to offer insurance discounts, using biometric data to confirm an ATM user’s identity, using sensors to determine the condition of loan collateral, or remotely disabling a car that is slated for repossession.

  • Our system makes it possible to track customer activities and present a solution specific to the needs and desires of your customers. You can tailor a banking solution to clients based on present economic conditions, purchasing behavior, and individual needs. We offer commercial banks an opportunity to gather more information about customers, offering a more personalized user experience.
  • Our system supports contactless payment solutions giving a seamless transaction daily.

Extract valuable information from your sensors placed on your premises like bank branches and ATMs to analyze customer behavior.  Sensors, like cameras, can capture security details while our system.

IoT Solutions for Healthcare

Real-time Connectivity for better delivery. Our system can simplify the collection, analysis, and interpretation of vital signals such as blood pressure,  heartbeat, EEG, ECG, temperature, physical posture, gait, and breathing patterns. We can help you to track, monitor, and maintain your medical assets from a cloud-based platform.

  • As a healthcare specialist, do you know you can take advantage of remote health monitoring? Acquire real-time information using specialized wearable and non-invasive sensors, analyze signals and get insight as the event happens.
  • Do you know that with IoT patient data can be conveyed through electronic health record systems automatically hence increasing the accuracy of data? At  Clarity IoT, vital health signals can provide insight into the state of well-being of a patient and can be used to predict future events.
  • Patients can be diagnosed accurately and given proactive treatment.  This will lead to timely intervention and reduction of fatal occurrences and complications. Connecting your health care system with our cloud computing gives you the ability to access real-time information that enables you to make highly informed decisions and as well offer treatment that is based on evidence.
  • With our predictive maintenance, we will ensure medical devices are ready to use when your patient needs them most by fixing problems before they occur. We enhance the overall well-being of patients by tracking how equipment is used from hospital beds to monitoring room temperature and hand washing stations.

IoT Solutions for Hotel, Motel and Hospitality Industries

Clarity IoT provides solutions for the Hotel, Motel, and Hospitality industries and provides a scalable and flexible platform that meets the client’s business operational requirements while minimizing maintenance and operating costs. The Clarity IoT Solution includes the hardware and software components capable of monitoring critical equipment in the operation and providing insight into the data and helping the hotel manager to spend more time optimizing the customer’s experiences instead of facilities management.

Typical applications include temperature monitoring on rooms, refrigerators, freezers, cooler, and HVAC. Call us for more information.

IoT Solutions for Manufacturing Operations

We collect data from sensors on your manufacturing equipment to help in the management and maintenance of your production assets. IoT use cases in manufacturing, include asset tracking, control room consolidation, predictive maintenance, autonomous robots, augmented reality, and additive manufacturing. Embedded sensors can detect faults that affect the quality of products thereby reducing waste, lowering cost, and increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

We will help you monitor your production equipment to ensure your processes are improved upon using industrial IoT. We can create new business models that offer
predictive maintenance and monitor the performance of the equipment you produce hence, delivering a richer customer experience.

We can use your reliable sensors and advanced analytics to predict manufacturing parts that need maintenance thereby, reducing unplanned downtime that cuts into production time.

We acquire sensor data to improve field service scheduling, ensuring the right technicians and tools are dispatched before potential issues become major problems.

  • Manufacturers are currently using IoT solutions to track assets in their factories, consolidate their control rooms, and increase their analytics functionality through predictive maintenance. You can gain valuable insight into the movement of goods, their lifecycle, and other data that gets recorded.

IoT Solutions for Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs

The Clarity IoT Restaurant, Bar, and Nightclub solution has been specifically designed for the restaurant industry based on input and feedback from industry experts and leaders in the field. The sensors that have been selected by our experts all work seamlessly together to capture various data points about the environment and the energy usage of key assets in and around the restaurant.

Monitor various equipment in and around the restaurant including:

  • Mobile Temperature
  • Dishwasher temperature monitor
  • Door Open/Close Counter at Main Entrance
  • Customer Comfort Zones Temperature and Humidity
  • Restroom Cleanliness using Door Open/Close Sensors
  • Customer Feedback Module.
  • Beer Tap Temperature Monitoring
  • Refrigerator, Cooler, Freezer, and Prep Table Temperature Monitoring

Combined with the Clarity Automated Compliance Checklist (CA2C) is the solution to gather your operational information and convert it to useful information to allow increased productivity and customer experience, and satisfy your HACCP procedures.

IoT Solutions for the Retail Industry

Retail companies of all sizes use an IoT connectivity management platform to capitalize on IoT and get the most out of their devices, networks, and applications.

Gain automated instant visibility and control over all networked devices and services. Our predictive equipment maintenance can predict equipment failure and detect other potential issues.

Accelerate time to market by easily and rapidly scaling IoT services across the globe. Our solution can help you monitor your sales in real-time, track missed in-store sales, and predict demand based on online and in-store consumer purchasing patterns.

  • Ensure your sensors are 100% covered with access to data in real-time, guaranteeing higher service reliability with real-time intelligence and monitoring of changing network conditions.
  • Make customized best price offers and provide location-based services. With our system, you can visualize and analyze your customer traffic across multiple locations, so you can understand the entire shopping journey.

IoT Solutions for the Smart City

In fast-moving environments, Clarity IoT can combine huge amounts of data and make it usable. Connected services are unlocking endless possibilities to transform cities around the globe — improving energy efficiency, saving water, and reducing costs.

  • Remote monitoring  of assets, equipment,  environmental measurements,  and other systems like Flood  Warning Systems, monitoring coastal  Smart Cities, storm surges, rising tides,  natural disasters, and emergency management
  • Water resources management for remote water wells – Flow Meters, water usage, and water levels.
  • Noise monitoring  systems such  as sound sensor  systems measuring decibels
  • Air quality  systems such  as CO, CO2, SO2,  Methane / CH4, and  environmental air quality
  • Video surveillance,  traffic monitoring, and surveillance, safety  and security as well as sensor-based  applications for crime prevention