Vaping Detection Solution / Vape Detector

Vaping is increasingly becoming a national concern for our kids, and the effect vaping is having on their health and well-being. Even those kids who have not tried smoking cigarettes are being lured by the new flashy “techy” way of using nicotine-addictive e-cigarettes with many flavor options available without fully understanding the risks involved.

Many facilities, including high schools, understand that education and deterrent programs must be introduced to reduce vaping usage in these public properties. Understanding where vaping is occurring most frequently is important to understand in helping to reduce vaping incidents in schools. Monitoring the quality of the air in washrooms and locker rooms can help detect vaping by monitoring the change in the air composition.

How does the Clarity Vape Detector Sensor work?

The Clarity IoT Vape Detector uses a series of chemical gas sensors and software intelligence to detect and report on when abnormal gases are detected in the air which could mean vapor is being emitted from a vaping device, high CO2 levels, etc.

The vape detector sensor will immediately alert supervisors, teachers, and/or administrators, in real-time, to where the vape detector detected the vaping event. 

The Clarity IoT Vape Detection Sensor is a device that can be easily installed in the washroom, locker rooms, office settings, hotel rooms, and other such places where it is important to track and be alerted when vaping is detected and where it is occurring.

The Vape Detector can be installed using multiple power sources including plugging the sensor into a wall plug, powering the detector using Power-Over-Ethernet (POE), or by powering the detector using a battery.

The vape detection sensor should always be installed in an open area where the air to be monitored flows freely. It is recommended that these devices are not installed in air vents which accelerates the flow of air and skews the results and/or misses vaping events.

Each sensor covers a 15×15-foot room with a standard 9-foot ceiling. Larger rooms may require more sensors.


Automatic Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Vape detection reports are included with each solution deployed. These reports can be customized to match your school/work schedule helping you to uncover the patterns when air vaping is occurring and helping to correct the issue. The solution includes the ability to generate alerts and notifications over SMS and email to the people in the organization who need to know.  A sample of the daily report is included below.