Clarity IoT offers a series of IoT products that includes a blend of Cloud-based Software and API paired with IoT-enabled sensors.  Our IoT Sensor hardware offers a plug-and-play IoT sensor platform for companies that want to monitor assets in operations.

While our products are primarily targeted at end-users, our products can also be used by companies looking for a way to integrate the “internet of things” and cloud-based solutions into their existing product lines. 

The Clarity IoT Solution can be broken down into two broad products: LoRa-based Hardware and Cloud-Based Software. You can learn more by selecting one of the options below 

Clarity IoT Hardware

Clarity IoT Offers various hardware components from IoT Gateways, batteries, and DC-powered nodes to handheld temperature monitors. All hardware has been designed with ease of installation and can be easily placed anywhere you need to monitor a piece of equipment, environment, etc. Click here to learn more.

Clarity IoT Software

The Clarity IoT Software has been designed to accept, store and process IoT packets from many hardware components including Clarity Hardware, Zigbee as well as Bluetooth integration. Click here to learn more about the Clarity IoT solution stack and how it can be used to turn data into actionable information. Click here to learn more.