LoRa, which stands for  “long-range, low power”, is a wireless network based on the Semtech LoRa chipset and technology that has become the de-facto technology for Internet of Thing (IoT) networks worldwide.

Clarity IoT has researched many IoT wireless technologies and believes that the LoRa technologies provide the best coverage for IoT applications in both dense urban environments (office buildings, manufacturing plants, etc) as well as rural areas with the ability to broadcast and communicate over very long ranges (more than 10 km in rural areas) with low power consumption. This makes it an ideal IoT wireless platform.

The Clarity IoT solution has been designed to be able to communicate with both Clarity IoT devices and also supports a long list of third-party LoRa-designed sensors.

Ask us about our starter kit to kick-start your LoRa IoT solution or ask us how a Clarity IoT LoRa solution can be designed and implemented for your use case.

More detailed information on Semtech’s LoRa technology can be found here: