THe pros and cons of AUTOMATED rfid SCANNING solutions

Within the Cannabis industry, large-scale RFID inventory scanning solutions have big advantages over handheld RFID readers. Deciding to invest in automated RFID scanning requires weighing the costs and benefits as well as the pros and cons.


·      Wide-scale RFID areas do not require a line of sight for scanning the Clarity IoT scanners can read multiple tags at the same time, so the entire row or pallet can be scanned simultaneously. it can speed up the scanning process and reduce the labor associated with repositioning boxes for scanning.

·      Wide-scale RFID scanning can reduce labor costs. Labor can account for 50% to 80% of costs in a distribution center. With RFID, inventory check-in, regular inventory counts, picking/pack times, and shipment verification can all be done in seconds or minutes. Processes that used to require multiple employees to complete.

·       Inventory check-in, regular inventory counts, picking/pack times, and shipment verification can all be done in seconds or minutes.

·      Improves visibility of inventory by providing real-time updates and faster scanning. 

·      Door readers placed at each portal or doorway, know exactly when inventory enters or leaves a location.

·      Provides a way to track those items across the supply chain, optimize asset inventory, and reduce loss or theft. 

·        Daily Inventory data sheets correlated and emailed/recorded for a consistent and complete records.


·        Deployment requires multiple RFID antennas which are tailored to your environment and room size. A thorough ROI analysis can be supported to determine if our solution is a good fit.

·        Some people say RFID technology is harmful, our solution is less harmful than caring your cellphone in your pocket and your WiFi on all day.  The room inventory Clarity IoT solution can also be set up to integrate on a schedule only once or multi-times per day pending on your operational requirement

·        Since the RFID tags are required and specified by the state or Metrc the cost of the RFID tags is not a concern for deployment. Our system can be tuned for several different RF bands and since we own the software to control our RFID antennas each system can be tailored for the installation.

·        RFID tags may also suffer from interference problems. If the tag environment contains a lot of metal shelves, liquids, or other sources of radio interference, this may be true thus why Clarity IoT does may require multiple positioned antennas, this should be eliminated with a complete site evaluation.

·        Large RFID scans will digest multiple tags and duplicates. At ClarityIOT resolves to issue this with an extensive post process and tacking software based in the ClarityIoT cloud.

With a complete site evaluation, the ClarityIoT team can design a detailed layout and antenna selections for your total environment.