Clarity Cloud-based Dashboard puts your IoT sensor data at your fingertips

The Clarity IoT Dashboard offers a 360 view of your operations.

The Clarity IOT cloud-based dashboard was designed with ease of use in mind. This simplified dashboard is cloud-based and can be used by multiple devices including iPhones, Android phones, Internet browsers, and tablets.

This Cloud-based dashboard brings a summary and detailed view of all the sensor data that has been recorded in the facility. The IoT dashboard includes multiple security configurations which can allow you to grant access to different customized user groups (managers, workers, etc).

The Clarity IoT software solution provides a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)  Automated Compliance Checklist (CA2C) Software Package

The Clarity Automated Compliance Checklist (CA2C) is the solution to gather your operational information and convert to useful information to allow increased productivity and customer experience and satisfies your HACCP procedures.

Know with confidence:

  • You have met your HACCP Procedures
  • Get the most use of your environment
  • Give customers are getting highest quality products
  • Provide managers an automatically generated checklist that stratifies your HACCP requirements
  • Multi-tiered dashboard for multi locations and national control
  • Receive notifications via email, text, and/or cell phone notifications anytime, anywhere
The Clarity IoT software solution provides a powerful cloud-based centralized database coupled with supporting algorithms and APIs capable of integrating with a variety of 3rd party IoT product platforms.