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    More About Us

    Clarity IoT is a cloud-based IoT software/technology company. We offer a complete IoT solution to our clients based on our years of experience in Computer Software, Legacy Hardware, and the IoT field. 


    The Clarity IoT solution includes everything you need to get you up and running immediately including the IoT Gateway that plugs directly into your Internet modem. 


    Also included are the various sensors you require to monitor your operation. Often, the Clarity IoT solution is collecting data minutes after installation.


    The Clarity IoT hardware supports many bi-directional communication protocols. This includes WiFi, LoRa, and ModBus, to name a few. This allows the Clarity IoT solution to talk to and communicate with the different communication protocols. 

    Each Project includes the experience of an in-house team ready to support your IoT Project.

    You will find that the Clarity IoT Solution provides a balanced/perfect fit for large equipment manufacturers. Including Those looking to “web-enable” their equipment.

    Our preferred network, LoRa (which stands for “Long-Range”), is a low-powered solution. This provides significant coverage for long-range applications. It also works well in large/dense facilities.

    Adding new sensors to the Clarity solution is a simple “power-it-up”/”plug-and-play” operation. Our LoRa-based network works in all facilities.

    Configure your facility with one or many LoRa gateways. Spread them out around the facility if required, so rest assured it will work in large, facilities.

    Clarity IoT is a practical IoT solution that is cost-effective and easy to install.

    And best of all, we have simplified the management and control of thousands of IoT devices.

    Our IoT Dashboard includes an alert, notification, and reporting engine. This can alert you of problems in the field.

    Clarity IoT simplifies the IoT environment.

    You can use Clarity IoT to check and control the assets in your operation. Examples include Food Temperature Monitoring, RFID Tracking, and other applications.

    The Clarity Cloud includes a universal API that our clients can use to get the data they need. By using our API, you can integrate this data into your project.

    Get the information into the hands of your decision-makers. Make better business decisions by basing them on scientific data. 

    Let us show you how we can help.

    Lower your operational costs and increase your profitability. Choose Clarity IoT to Kickstart your IoT project and guarantee success.

    Feel free to explore our site more to learn more. Learn how we can help you collect the correct information you need at the correct time.